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Waterguardian's Musings

Lady Sasuke's thoughts and meditations

How well do you know Sylphiel?

this quiz was made by Tara-hime

I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Sasuke

Likes: Naruto... though he'd never admit it

Dislikes: Itachi

Owner: Lady S

Click here to adopt your own Naruto chibi!

I'm a person who tries to find a little sunshine in life only to be cast back into the shadows.Perhaps someday I will find the right path that shall lead me from the darkness into the Eternal Realm. Till then I can only try till I can no longer succeed.

On the other hand I attend various anime conventions every year(since 1999). I've dubbed myself the "Prop Goddess of Insanity" due to the fact I love a challenge with anything weapon related for a costume. I also enjoy rpgs in my spare time (little PS2 love). My two absolute favorites are Grandia (Feena Rulez) and Star Ocean 2nd Story.
Oh and not to mention watching anime drooling over the blue haired bishies ie Tamahome and dreaming of the fun things I can do to Uchiha Sasuke *grins*

Finally, there is my MLP obsession that gets me into trouble all the time but it's a lot of fun none the less.